Architected, designed, developed, implemented, and monitored (managed) an online voting system for Student Government Association elections in both 2011 and 2012 at the largest community college in the United States (Alexandria campus of NVCC, with over 15,000 registered students). Both elections proceeded on schedule without any technical problems. Results and process certified (trusted as accurate) by school administration as well as SGA and student body at large. (April in 2011 and 2012).

Implemented and trained various features for site maintenance, including a formal issue/bug tracking system to cope with flurry of post-launch issues. Lessened burden of managing the incoming error reports as well as requests, which were becoming an overwhelming tangle of emails among primarily volunteer maintainers/admins. (Sept.-Oct. 2012)

Customized HTML/CSS templates for Joomla as well as the now more-popular WordPress platforms.

Implemented and supported many CMS instances since 2012.

Customized instances with numerous extensions, even writing custom plugins for both Joomla and WordPress when existing plugins didn’t meet client needs.

Support and maintain numerous static and CMS-based websites on behalf of client organizations. (ongoing since mid-2011)


Assisted Dream Dog Productions in various web interface and functionality enhancements, including AJAX data requests, implementing multiple Adobe Spry framework features, and a PHP-based AJAX contact form for visitors.

Developed and implemented a mobile-optimized site for mid-size enterprise in Northern Virginia (Frugal Rooter).

The site funneled a substantial number of calls to the business, leading to increases in service and sales (2012).

Supported implementation of WordPress user-agent/device- based theme switcher to optimize for mobile devices of varying sizes and orientations.

This merging of content reduced redundancy and management overhead by allowing content updates to propagate from one source (the WP content). (2012)

Setup, integrated and provided support/basic training for Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. Supported basic SEO optimizations, achieving demonstrable results. (S4OM, Oct.-Nov. 2012)

Setup and provided basic training with Google Analytics for several clients.

Designed, developed, and maintained numerous MS-Access database applications, as well as MySQL, SQL-Server backends for various frontend applications.


I also teach an advanced database development and management course at Northern Virginia Community College (Alexandria campus).

Consulted and supported international professional organization (S4OM) in laying groundwork for complete public-facing website re-design and implementation.

Provided high-level architectural guidance as well as coordinating and designing a more intuitive and data-validation-rigorous therapist locator application.

On-going technical guidance as well as direct site/system modifications and customizations (Joomla CMS). (Mid-2011 to now, on-going ‘guru’ role)

Assisted Dream Dog Productions (DDP) in understanding PCI-DSS compliance issues affecting certification for their e-commerce website

Quickly and effectively brought the e-commerce site into compliance so DDP could maintain its online revenue stream without interruption.